Reza Deghati: Refusing to give landmines map, Armenian government causes hundreds of new deaths

Renowned photojournalist Reza Deghati has visited the site of a mine explosion in Azerbaijan’s Kalbajar district that killed three people.

Deghati shared his impressions of what he saw on Instagram.

The photojournalist posted a video against the background of the damaged Kamaz vehicle. The video collected more than 16,000 views in an hour.

“Two Azerbaijani journalists were killed here, when their car hit one out a million landmines planted by Armenian forces in Karabakh. After their military defeat, before leaving they planted thousands more landmines and booby traps. Against all international treaties and Geneva convention the Armenian government refuses to give the landmines map, causing hundreds of new deaths and mutilations specially civilians and delaying the reconstruction and refugees return,” he wrote.

At about 11.00 am on June 4, 2021, a Kamaz passenger car with employees of TV channels and news agencies dispatched to the de-occupied Kalbajar region for the performance of their official duties was hit by an anti-tank mine while driving in the direction of the Susuzlug village. Three people, including Siraj Abishov (cameraman of AzTV), Maharram Ibrahimov (employee of AzerTag news agency), Arif Aliyev (deputy representative of the head of the Executive Power in the Susuzlug village) died, and four others were hospitalized with various injuries.

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