President Aliyev presents Holy Quran he brought from Mecca to Aghdam mosque

Today, I presented the Holy Quran I brought from Mecca to the Aghdam mosque President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said during a speech in front of the Aghdam mosque, SİA reports.

“I am happy to have visited Mecca four times. Once with my late father and three times as President. I am happy that I prayed with my family inside the Holy Kaaba. I have the same feelings in my heart as everyone else. My first prayer was for the liberation of our lands from occupation. I asked God to give me the strength to liberate our lands from the occupiers, to give us this happiness and to return to the land of our ancestors,” the head of state said.

“Today, in front of the mosque destroyed by vandals, I am saying that I am a happy man. I thank God again for hearing my prayers and giving me this strength. We are living through these historic days having mobilized all our forces. These are truly historic days. Perhaps there have never been such glorious and proud days in the centuries-old history of Azerbaijan. We have achieved this thanks to our unity and our strength. Nobody helped us. On the contrary, they only wanted to hamper us. I will talk about this in detail one day,” Azerbaijani president said.

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