World-renowned writers, poets send letter to President Aliyev

World-renowned writers and poets from all over the world sent a letter to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

"Hello Mr President!

The situation that is troubling your country and the territorial conflicts have been bothering the whole world including us – writers and poets. However, your high intelligence, good diplomacy and the love towards your national all together calming us down, giving in a hope for the bright days and happy future.

In fact we – writers and poets of the world are against to any kinds of war, but your situation is making us all to think… You are not fighting for the soil of another country, you are fighting for your own soil in your own country!

According to world’s politicans, there was no other way for you and for your nation and that was the last course of action. It is assuring that it is time to act for the future of Azerbaijan and its nation.

Azerbaijan has granted the world many perspicacious and intelligent people. Azerbaijan is famous for its nice people and its hospitability. We are certain that those people will set a sample to demonstrate their patience and compassion.

We support you and your kind nation with all our heart and we believe that there will be many perceptive and intelligent persons from this nation!" the letter said.

The letter was signed by: Biplab Majee, Gjeke Marinaj, Khosiyat Rustam, Rosalba Fantastico Di Kastron, Vadim Teryokhin, Mai Van Phan, Sovan Bhattacharya, Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska, Mehmet Nuri Parmaksiz, Sungrye Han, Coskun Korabulut, Rudolf Marky, Carlos Ernesto Garcia, John Farndon

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