President Erdogan extends best wishes to Türkiye's 2nd astronaut ahead of space mission

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wished Türkiye's second space traveler Tuva Cihangir Atasever success, saying: "You will be our second astronaut, but you won't be the last," Anadolu Agency reports.

President Erdogan had a live chat with Atasever before his space mission on Saturday from the Spaceport facility in New Mexico, US.

Atasever said he was honored and expressed great pride in being in New Mexico for this historic mission when Erdogan asked: "How are the preparations for our space mission and microgravity research suborbital research flight? Is everything on track?”

He stated that they were ready for the flight and had previously undergone preparation with Alper Gezeravci (the first Turkish astronaut). He mentioned that they have undergone intense training, and it is the last day of preparations, and they will perform the mission tomorrow.

President Erdogan remarked that although Alper Gezeravci had some disadvantages, Atasever has the advantage of following in Gezeravci’s footsteps.

"With you, our country will now prepare the groundwork for the third manned space mission. I believe this; you are young and dynamic, and you have Alper as your guide. I wish you a successful journey in advance," he said.

"On one side will be the Turkish flag, and on the other, due to your mother being Azerbaijani, the Azerbaijani flag, and you will represent both brothers," he added.

In response to Erdogan's comment about representing both Türkiye and Azerbaijan, Atasever affirmed that he would carry the flags of both countries on his chest during the journey, symbolizing the unity of the two nations.

Erdogan reiterated the importance of this mission being conducted with the consciousness of "two states, one nation" and wished Atasever success.

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