OSCE's Borg says cautiously optimistic that peace deal between Armenia, Azerbaijan is within reach

“My visits to Yerevan and Baku focused on two aspects: on the one hand, we exchanged views on the challenges currently faced by the OSCE. On the other hand, I was in a listening mode to learn about the ongoing negotiations, the prospects for peace and various security and humanitarian concerns,” OSCE Chair-in-Office, Malta's Minister for Foreign, European Affairs and Trade, Ian Borg, said in an interview with Report.

“I made it clear that achieving a sustainable and comprehensive peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia is in the interest of us all and remains a top priority for the OSCE. What I take away from my discussions in both capitals is that progress is being made and I am cautiously optimistic that a comprehensive deal is within reach. Such processes are complex and take time. We should not put undue pressure on the negotiators by imposing timelines. What matters is the quality and sustainability of an agreement. We need pragmatism, realism and a genuine political will to achieve peace and security,” Ian Borg said.

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