Special Representative of Azerbaijani President: We intend to strengthen international ties of Shusha city

“I hope we will see increased number of projects aimed at strengthening international ties of the city of Shusha,” Special Representative of the Azerbaijani President in Shusha district Aydin Karimov told SIA.

Aydin Karimov hailed the opening of the Shusha Azerbaijani House in the Turkish city of Kayseri, expressing his gratitude to the municipality of Kayseri’s Talas district, as well as to Azerbaijan’s State Committee on Work with Diaspora in this regard.

The special representative expressed his confidence that the Shusha Azerbaijan House would contribute to further rapprochement of the two fraternal countries, becoming a new symbol of the unity between Azerbaijan and Türkiye. He also cited Azerbaijan’s National Leader Heydar Aliyev as saying: “The friendship between Azerbaijan and Türkiye is eternal and unbreakable.”

According to him, the Shusha Azerbaijan House would host events, which would raise awareness among the wider audience about cultural and historical heritage of the Azerbaijani people, the Karabakh region, including the Azerbaijani cultural capital, the city of Shusha. The House would also host the landmark events of other Turkic states.

“Currently, a total of 9 cities are twinned with Shusha. We are ready and looking forward for expanding these ties,” Karimov added.

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