Western interests clashing with peace efforts in South Caucasus - ANALYSIS

As hiding a forest in a sack is impossible, it's equally implausible to keep a cunning political agenda of any state hidden until the end.

For instance, the contours of the USA's South Caucasus policy are now unfolding one after another. With the planned trilateral meeting between the EU, USA, and Armenia set for April 5th, where a pact regarding security assurances for Armenia is expected to be adopted, it's evident that the USA no longer needs to conceal its South Caucasus policy behind Europe's curtain. Instead, it openly showcases its interests without reservation, even though these interests seemingly stand against peace.

By escalating tensions in the South Caucasus region, the USA is opting for the path leading to new conflicts.

The pact planned for April 5th between the USA, EU, and Armenia seems to be aimed at expanding the "spy mission" in Armenia to also encompass the USA and even creating a significant military base in the near future. All of these indications reveal an unwelcome scenario long prepared by the West. It appears that the USA, by escalating tensions in the South Caucasus region, is opting for the path leading to new conflicts. Such a course of action leaves no room for peace and unmistakably shows that the USA disregards peace in the region, solely pursuing its own interests.

Armenians' actions prior to the meeting reveal the true nature of the situation.

It's known that the upcoming meeting, attended by Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, and US Secretary of State Blinken, will take place. However, it's perplexing why there's a buildup of military forces, armored vehicles, artillery pieces, and intensive movements of Armenian armed forces along various directions of the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border prior to the meeting. Why such military buildup before a meeting? The nature of this matter lies in the open. Armenians' actions prior to the meeting reveal the true nature of the situation. It's highly probable that during the meeting, Armenia plans to provoke Azerbaijan by launching attacks with the help of its troops, portraying Azerbaijan's response as an "invasion." Even at this juncture, by showing Russia's "inaction," Armenia tries to justify its alignment with the West. This aligns perfectly with US interests, and hence, the USA is tacitly endorsing Armenia's buildup of forces along the border. This serves the purpose of both Armenia and the USA to assert and seemingly prove that integration into the West is indispensable, especially in such circumstances.

The agreement with Armenia is not at the level of US-Armenia relations, but rather part of its global agenda.

Undoubtedly, the path Armenia should take, the steps official Yerevan should take, and the issue of integration have long been discussed and even resolved, and even the scenario is ready. However, this doesn't mean that the USA is wholeheartedly committed to peace for Armenia and the region. The agreement with Armenia is not at the level of US-Armenia relations, but rather part of its global agenda, primarily aimed at cornering Russia's influence in the region and establishing military presence where Russia's interests lie. Taking into account that the USA doesn't want to see Turkey and Azerbaijan strengthening in the region, particularly the Turkish world, Washington's next plan is to hinder Azerbaijan's empowerment and, using the pretext of Armenians, infiltrate the region. Indeed, trying to at least gloss over the rightful position of these two fraternal countries, the USA endeavors to strengthen its military presence in the South Caucasus.

Containment policy against Russia is at the forefront for the USA.

There's no doubt that containment policy against Russia is at the forefront. NATO's expansion towards the east, regardless of this country's national interests and contrary to the promises made to Moscow, significantly increases the threat to Russia's security. The plan to include Ukraine in NATO became one of the factors that ignited the bloody war where two fraternal nations sacrificed themselves for America's interests. Last summer, Russia's northern neighbor, Finland, also joined NATO. According to the American press, when Helsinki and Washington signed an agreement on defense cooperation, the USA obtained permission to establish significant military infrastructure on Finnish territory, next to Russia. Interestingly, according to the Georgian media, despite the proposal by the USA for the creation of an American military base in Georgia a few months before the war in Ukraine, the government of that country rejected it. It seems they acted wisely because the USA doesn't hesitate to turn any country into a battlefield if it serves its interests. In other words, Washington is not hesitant to convert any area into a battleground, resulting in destruction, casualties, and great losses, as witnessed in Ukraine.

"Georgia is a road, Armenia is a tool, Azerbaijan is a reward" is believed to be the motto.

The evidence suggests that official Washington is solely interested in dragging the South Caucasus region into chaos and instability. The USA's goal is to compromise the sovereignty of as many states as possible that are trying to unite against American hegemony, to hinder them. For this purpose, countries like Armenia, which has already lost its sovereignty, are easily taken, either directly or under the guise of another state's protection, and used as puppets. In other words, official Yerevan is instrumentalized for their own interests. However, either the Haylars don't understand this or they don't want to understand it under current conditions. But undoubtedly, they also see that the West's interests are against peace. If indeed the Haylars wanted peace, they could never have allowed these interests to be wielded against them.

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