200 streets in Baku named after Martyrs between 2020-2023

In the period spanning from 2020 to 2023, the city of Baku has dedicated the names of 200 streets to the memory of martyrs.

According to the report on the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers for the year 2023, this significant initiative has been undertaken to honor the sacrifices of these individuals, SIA reports. The decisions were made following applications from local authorities and martyr families, with mutual agreement reached with the families of the fallen heroes.

Subsequently, the head of the Baku City Executive Authority signed decrees to name these streets after the martyrs within the administrative territory of the capital.

The report emphasizes that special attention will be given to the inventory and naming of streets in Baku's administrative territory as part of the ongoing efforts to commemorate the unnamed streets within the city, aligning with the broader initiative to memorialize the sacrifices of the martyrs.

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