Mexico hosts presentation of book “Karabakh Khanate: Historical and Cultural Profile”

The presentation of the book "Karabakh Khanate: Historical and Cultural Profile", published with the support of Azerbaijan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was held at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the leading university in Mexico.

According to the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Mexico, professors, students, and academics attended the event.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Mexico Mammad Talibov noted that the book is of great significance in terms of studying the rich historical heritage of Karabakh. He described the publication of the works stored in the National Museum of Georgia for more than 100 years as a milestone event. The diplomat also drew attention to the importance of the historical and cultural artifacts reflected in the book in terms of studying the Azerbaijani identity of Karabakh, as well as the culture, ethnography and lifestyle of the region's population, adding that the Karabakh Khanate occupies a special place in the history of Azerbaijani statehood. "This book will serve as a tool to raise international awareness of the rich historical past and cultural heritage of Karabakh, which is an ancient and eternal land of Azerbaijan. Having put an end to the thirty years of Armenian occupation, life has returned to Karabakh today, and all opportunities have been mobilized towards the restoration and reconstruction of these territories," the ambassador added.

Speaking at the event, Professor of UNAM University and Doctor of Political and Social Sciences Fausto Quintana highlighted the effective cooperation recently established with the Azerbaijani Embassy, adding that they are interested in academic cooperation with Azerbaijani universities. He noted that taking into account the global-scale projects implemented with the initiative and participation of Azerbaijan, the entire focus is on the region where Azerbaijan is located. Quintana expressed his gratitude for the organization of the event, saying that thanks to this presentation they have received comprehensive information about the Karabakh Khanate and its history.

Talya Iscan, Professor of UNAM University, author of a series of articles about Azerbaijan and its realities, recalled her visit to Karabakh and the city of Shusha, noting that she witnessed the mysterious beauty, culture and spiritual wealth of these lands.

During the event, the speakers also responded the questions from the participants.

Following the presentation, the books "Karabakh Khanate: Historical and Cultural Profile" were donated to the central library of UNAM and the library of the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

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