Western Azerbaijan Community strongly rejects French MFA's hostile statement

The West Azerbaijani Community strongly rejects the hostile statement of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

SIA reports that this was stated in a statement issued by the West Azerbaijan Community.

"In fact, France should have condemned the mine terrorism committed today, called for the withdrawal of the remnants of the Armenian armed forces from the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan, the disarmament of the illegal Armenian armed groups, and the abolition of the puppet junta regime.

In addition, the fact that France, which has not called Armenia to implement UN Security Council resolutions for 30 years, and even opposes referring to those documents, has recently decided to call an emergency meeting of the organization is an indication of political clowning.

France should feel ashamed of its immoral actions, such as looking at issues through the prism of Azerbaijanophobia, Islamophobia, and religious fanaticism, and stop hypocrisy," the statement reads.

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