"The anti-Azerbaijani resolution adopted by the French National Assembly supports Armenian crimes and separatism" - Israel Security Academy

The statement of the Israeli Security Academy condemning the anti-Azerbaijani resolution of the French National Assembly:

The resolution adopted by the French Senate and then the French National Assembly against Azerbaijan is entirely caused by France's Armenian bigotry. The French Senate and the National Assembly are not at all reconciled to the fact that Azerbaijan released its lands, recognized by international law, from occupation by implementing 4 successive resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council. The French Senate and the National Assembly directly support the occupation, Armenian separatism and Armenian crimes with their pro-Armenian resolutions that exhibit these racist and double standards. In 1992-93, as a result of Armenia's occupation and ethnic cleansing policy, more than 1,000,000 Azerbaijanis were forcibly displaced and refugees from their native villages. These 1,000,000 people suffered great hardships and hardships during the years of occupation. Only on the snowy and stormy winter night of February 25-26, 1992, Armenian military forces, along with mercenaries brought from Lebanon and Palestine, entered the city of Khojaly in Azerbaijan and destroyed the entire city, shot dead innocent people in snowy and blizzard weather, killed the old and They put bayonets from infants to babies in swaddling clothes, and crushed people under tanks. However, they committed unprecedented barbarism and vandalism in history. Thus, the Armenian military forces committed the Khojaly Genocide, one of the heaviest bloody massacres in history and mass human slaughter.

Armenia's armed forces grossly violated international law, entering the sovereign borders of Azerbaijan, accepted by the international community and the UN and protected by international law, military aggression against 20 percent of Azerbaijan's land, and occupied Azerbaijan's land for nearly 30 years. Armenian military forces destroyed the lands of Azerbaijan, where they entered, and tried to mass-exterminate its population and its inhabitants. This is the most serious war crime of occupied Armenia.
For the next 30 years, the entire history of the region is filled with Armenian military crimes and terrorism. All of Karabakh is covered with Armenian vandalism from head to toe. Armenian vandalism and Armenian crimes exist in every corner of Karabakh. The French government, the Senate and the National Assembly must first give a legal assessment of the Armenian atrocities and Armenian vandalism in Karabakh. All Azerbaijani graves, religious and historical monuments belonging to Azerbaijanis in Karabakh were completely destroyed and razed to the ground. Armenian military forces destroyed and destroyed every place they occupied. Currently, the nature of acts of vandalism committed during the occupation period, which began with the occupation of Azerbaijani lands 30 years ago, is disgusting. As a result of these acts of occupation and vandalism, the economy of Azerbaijan suffered material and moral damage in the amount of billions of dollars. According to international laws, the government of Armenia must pay back this material and moral damage to the state and government of Azerbaijan. France justifies Armenian crimes by grossly and cruelly violating the rights of 1,000,000 Azerbaijanis displaced from their homes as a result of the occupation of the Armenian armed forces. Entering the territory of another country from the borders recognized by the international community, occupying it and evicting its population from their homes, shooting people, regardless of whether they are old or young, is the most serious crime according to international law. All Armenian atrocities are known to the world community. Armenia has been recognized by the UN Security Council as an occupying state and there are 4 UN resolutions demanding that it unconditionally leave the occupied Azerbaijani lands. The resolutions of the UN Security Council are binding, and France is one of the 5 permanent members of this body. According to the UN Charter, France itself is obliged to respect and implement the decisions of the UN Security Council. In the resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council, it is mentioned that Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan. But the French government, the Senate and the National Assembly are clearly complicit in Armenia's war crimes by supporting Armenia's war crimes and occupation policy with their biased and anti-resolutions against the Republic of Azerbaijan, where so many Armenian war crimes have been committed. It is clear that France is trying to disrupt peace and stability in the region by providing political support to Armenia with all its anti-Azerbaijani actions stemming from Armenian bigotry and pro-Armenianism. The anti-Azerbaijani resolutions of the French Senate and the National Assembly regarding Karabakh are contrary to international law and the spirit of UN resolutions. With these steps, France violates international laws and the UN Charter. In general, France's position is just a piece of paper, and these resolutions have no official or legal basis in the world. Because there are 4 UN resolutions before the position of the French Senate and Assembly. When Azerbaijan joined the UN as an independent state in 1992, it was recognized together with these territories. The territorial integrity of Azerbaijan was recognized as early as 1992, including Karabakh. The whole world recognizes Karabakh as the land of Azerbaijan, and against this background, the adoption of a pro-Armenian resolution by France is extremely absurd and laughable. Because the sovereign borders of each country are protected by international laws. The United Nations is legally obliged to protect the borders of all member states and countries and to prevent invasion.
However, it seems clear that the French government is eager to ignite new sources of conflict in the South Caucasus. France's goal is to commit further provocations in the South Caucasus and especially in the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation. To recognize the legitimacy of the separatists who occupied Karabakh is to support separatism and terrorism. By recognizing the legitimacy of the so-called separatist regime that once declared its existence in Karabakh and expressing political support to the separatists, France prepares the ground for Armenians to commit provocations and war crimes against the liberated Azerbaijani lands. Directly, France itself implements a policy of usurpation and occupation. Of course, the adoption of these decisions is the order and desire of the Armenian lobby and diaspora. It seems obvious that France is just protecting Armenian interests and that's why it started false and slander campaigns against Azerbaijan.
These resolutions aim to influence and pressure Azerbaijan. It seems clear that France does not have rights and laws, orders and especially Armenian wishes are executed. It is France that is the initiator, author of the idea and scenario of the so-called and fictitious Armenian genocide project. With these resolutions, France intends to create confusion in the South Caucasus and create conditions for new provocations.
Currently, the resolution of the French National Assembly stems from double standards and pro-Armenianism. Supporting ethnic separatism is supporting extremism and terrorism. This situation has the character of supporting Armenians to commit war crimes and terrorism.

We once again strongly condemn the anti-Azerbaijani resolutions of the French Senate and the National Assembly, and state that these resolutions are contrary to international law and the UN Charter and resolutions, and thereby gravely violate international law. We declare that Azerbaijan is fully justified by international laws and international law is on Azerbaijan's side. The resolution adopted by the French senate and the National Assembly is false and slanderous and is an element of anti-Azerbaijani campaign and policy.

The resolution of the French National Assembly has no legal basis and is only supportive of Armenian terrorism and Armenian crimes.

It seems that France has started extremely biased, false and slanderous anti-campaigns against Azerbaijan in the region, trying to implement its pro-Armenian, racist and imperialist usurping policy. We stand by the state and people of Azerbaijan against all the anti-campaigns that France wants to carry out against Azerbaijan, and we express our support for Azerbaijan's rightful position based on international law. Karabakh is the legal and legal territory of Azerbaijan and is the historical land of Azerbaijan. There has never been an Armenian presence in Karabakh.
We firmly support the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan recognized by the international community. We are always with Azerbaijan. Karabakh is Azerbaijan.

Israel Security Academy
in the Republic of Azerbaijan

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