Another 800 houses and 1,800 plots flooded in Orenburg in 24 hours

Another 800 houses and 1,800 homestead plots were flooded in Orenburg over the past 24 hours, in total, 3,000 houses and 8,000 homestead plots were flooded in the city, the director of the Municipal Dispatch Center, Alexander Sisa, told reporters.

"Over the course of 24 hours, about 1,800 homestead plots and about 800 houses were flooded. In total, about 8,000 homestead plots and about 3,000 houses [were flooded]," he said.

Due to the flooding of Donguzskaya and Uralskaya streets, traffic police and emergency services vehicles were sent to evacuate residents. The Grand Park residential complex was also flooded, and water approached the apartment buildings along Potekhina and Uralskaya Streets. Another 55 people were evacuated, 183 of them are in temporary detention centers.

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