Next exams held by the Ministry of Education

On May 8, the State Examination Center (DIM) will present 9th and 11th grade students of the current year, as well as candidates who want to take the Azerbaijani language (as the state language) exam and the first stage of the examination for candidates wishing to obtain a civil service examination and a certificate of professional accountant.

This was reported to SIA by the DİM. It was noted that the Azerbaijani language exam is held in 21 cities and districts, in 95 buildings. The duration of the exam is 1 hour and 30 minutes. 20,555 students (entrants) are expected to take part in the exam.

95 general examiners, 248 examiners, 1913 supervisors-teachers, 193 graduation officers (security guards), 95 building representatives were allocated to manage the exam.

The civil service continuity examination for positions corresponding to the BB job groups is held in Baku on paper. The exam will last 2 hours and 30 minutes. Examinations for AB, AC, BA job groups are held on a computer in the building of the Ministry of Education.

A total of 298 candidates were registered to take part in the exam, including 3 in the AB group, 9 in the AC group, 79 in the BA group and 207 in the BB group. 3 exam supervisors and 26 invigilators were assigned to conduct the exams.

Registration for the first stage of the professional accountant certification exam (accounting) was carried out through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and 420 people (KOSS-114, IFRS-144, ISMHBS-162) applied to participate in the exam. The duration of the exam is 3 hours.

The exam was held on paper in two buildings in Baku. 2 general exam supervisors, 4 exam supervisors, 41 invigilators, 4 security officers were involved in the examination.

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