President approves changes to 2022 state budget

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has endorsed the bill amending the law "On the state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2022", SİA informs.

With the change, the revenues of the 2022 state budget were approved at 29,197,800,000 manats (around $17.2 billion), and the expenses were set at 32,303,800,000 manats ($19 billion), including centralized revenues at 28,167,624,000 manats ($16.6 billion), local revenues at 1,030,176,000 manats ($606 million), centralized expenses at 31,233,684,000 manats ($18.4 billion), and local expenses at 1,070,116,000 manats ($629.5 million).

($1 = 1.7 manats)

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