Norway to provide almost $14 million for the EU mission of training AFU

Norway will provide about $14 million to support the European Union's training mission to train the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), European Pravda reported with reference to the statement of the Norwegian government.

Ukraine depends on the support of other countries, not least to get enough weapons and materials to confront the Russian war. Norway has provided significant support and will continue to do its part by providing military supplies, the statement said.

EU foreign ministers decided on November 14 to launch a training mission for the AFU. According to the plan of the training mission, about 15,000 Ukrainian servicemen will be trained in Germany, Poland and other EU countries.

In the coming months, a brigade of up to 5,000 Ukrainian servicemen could be trained in Germany. Their number will depend primarily on how many soldiers the Ukrainian Defence Ministry will be able to send for training in the conditions of current combat operations, the media noted.

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