An international project titled "ArtCamp Shusha" to be launched

With the organization of the Ministry of Culture and the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, an international project titled "ArtCamp Shusha" for artists will be implemented this month.

The Ministry of Culture told SIA that artists from Italy, Germany, Romania, Denmark and Turkey are scheduled to visit our country regarding the event. In addition to foreign artists, as well as local artists such as Rashad Mehdiyev, Vugar Muradov, Anar Huseynzade, Butunay Hagverdiyev, Gunel Ravilova and Vusala Agaraziyeva will also participate in the project. Within the framework of the project, foreign and local artists will visit the city of Shusha. Artists who will become familiar with this city, our cultural capital, will create paintings dedicated to Shusha.

Although Shusha is sufficiently glorified in the works of well-known local artists, poets, writers, musicians, artists, and architects, a new look at it through the eyes of foreign experts is necessary. The fact that foreign specialists get to know the history, culture, geniuses of the ancient Shusha, the pearl of Karabakh, and the construction works carried out here today by the order of the country's leadership, and living in Shusha for a short time will give them a complete idea of ​​this wonderful city. The works created by the invited foreign artists will be a celebration of their impressions of Shusha and will be covered in the mass media of different countries and will appeal to a wider audience.

Within the framework of the project, meetings will be organized in the workshops of artists working in Baku, art galleries will be visited, and discussions will be held on modern challenges in the field of visual arts.

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