Scholz: Germany will do everything to prevent conflict between Russia and NATO

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Germany will not act alone in the supply of arms to Ukraine and will do everything possible to prevent a direct conflict between Russia and NATO, SİA informs citing TASS.

“The position of the federal government is clear: not to act alone. It will continue to be so,” Scholz stated, answering a question about the supply of German tanks to Kyiv. However, the situation in Ukraine, he said, “is very dynamic, and Germany is constantly reassessing the situation.” But the country’s political course, as the head of the German government pointed out, “remains clear.”

“Germany, to the best of its ability, supports Ukraine and at the same time is doing everything possible to prevent a direct conflict between NATO and Russia,” Scholz concluded, adding that this is the basis of all decisions. “And this also corresponds to the will of the vast majority of citizens,” summed up the German chancellor.

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