Nairobi hosts UN biodiversity talks aimed at ’30 by 30′ push

United Nations negotiators have begun talks in Nairobi towards reaching a new global pact for protecting nature and wildlife, after a previous round of talks in March failed to make progress.

With scientists warning that an estimated one million species are at risk of extinction, the UN is asking countries to designate 30 percent of their land and sea areas for conservation by 2030.

Tuesday’s talks were buoyed by a sense of progress after organisers announced the UN Biodiversity summit, or “COP15,” would be moved to Montreal, Canada, after being postponed four times in China due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have every reason to be fully confident that the global biodiversity framework will be adopted”, said China’s environment minister, Huang Runqiu, who is also the COP15 president.

Meeting this “30-by-30” goal would help protect the world’s environments against poaching, pollution or encroaching human development, scientists say.

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