UK Deputy Prime Minister affirms preparedness for possible conflict

Oliver Dowden, the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has stated that his country is ready for potential conflict.

Dowden dismissed the notion circulating in the media that Britain is "not ready for possible conflict," a view purportedly shared by former Defense Secretary James Wallace and Defense Minister's Deputy James Heappey, SIA reports.

Dowden emphasized that Britain has made significant progress in response to increasing global threats and has taken comprehensive measures in preparation for potential conflict:

"We are taking comprehensive measures. We have established the National Cyber Security Centre to address cyber threats. I make decisions daily regarding investments to protect our economic security. The world will become increasingly dangerous over time. We are aware of the threats posed by Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China. Of course, there is more work to be done, but I believe we are making good progress in addressing the growing threats," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

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