Turkish National Intelligence neutralizes key figure in PKK/KCK Youth Organization in Northern Iraq

Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MIT) has neutralized Gülsün Silgir, the alleged key figure responsible for the youth organization of the separatist terrorist group PKK/KCK in northern Iraq.

According to security sources, MIT obtained information pinpointing Sara Hogir Riha, operating under the codename Gülsün Silgir, in the Pencevin district located in the Sulaymaniyah desert of Iraq, SIA reports.

Silgir, identified as a member of the fabricated youth movement of the separatist terrorist organization, was neutralized through a successful operation by the MIT in the region.

Investigations revealed that Silgir, involved in activities since 2011, orchestrated operations to deceive and recruit young individuals into the organization by exploiting their trust.

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