Political scientist: CSTO members have closer relations with Azerbaijan than with Armenia

Members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) have closer relations with Azerbaijan than with Armenia, political scientist Zaur Mammadov told SİA.

He said that Armenia is pinning its hopes on Western countries - on the US and, first of all, on France, trying to minimize the Russian presence in the country.

As the expert noted, this is evidenced by regular rallies in Yerevan against Russia. “If you monitor the Armenian media and the statements of Armenian NGOs, more than half of them criticize Russia every day for actions that do not meet the interests of Armenia. The inconsistency of the Armenian policy has led to the fact that Yerevan, both before and after the war, is isolated from regional and international processes,” said the political scientist.

“A month ago at an extraordinary meeting of the CSTO President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told the truth, criticizing the actions of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who would actually deliver an ultimatum to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other members of the organization - to choose between Azerbaijan or Armenia. Pashinyan was well aware that no one will make a choice, and the CSTO members themselves have closer relations with Azerbaijan than with Armenia,” Mammadov emphasized.

The political scientist noted that Armenia’s actions are detrimental to political processes in the region, since it was Yerevan that invited the EU mission to the region, which is an important signal for Russia and Iran.

He added that Moscow will not remain silent when it sees Yerevan's actions: “Russia always has a plan B regarding Pashinyan.”

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