Round paradise - "Chambarakand" park

Baku is becoming a land of beauty day by day. It is felt in every part of the city, at every step. The laid green strips, entertainment, recreation centers, parks, alleys, along with the becoming of use for people's leisure time, also please the guests of our city. This adds modern color to this ancient city.

On June 8, when President Ilham Aliyev got acquainted with the conditions created in the newly built Chambarakand Park in the Sabail district of the capital, we witnessed a new beauty. We have seen that the socio-economic development of our country over the past 18 years has led to the creation of dozens of such magnificent buildings. Beautiful buildings, complexes, centers and new parks are built with special taste, making Baku comparable to the developed cities in Europe.

Historical sources state that Chambarakand is one of the oldest settlements in Baku and was built in the 1840s by the local poor people, mainly sailors. Chambarakand village, one of the south-western parts of the fortress, is located in high mountainous areas and faces south, towards the sea. It is difficult to determine the exact date of the establishment of this part of Baku; It is possible that it existed in the 18th century, as did the village of Baylov, the Taza-Pir district, and other settlements that later disappeared. By the second half of the 19th century, there were already more than 20 farms there. The village was an aul-type settlement with numerous intricate narrow streets, back alleys, and impassable roads. The poor and the sailors lived here. By 1871, its territory had more than quadrupled.

The village, like all the villages of the past, was built unplanned: narrow crooked streets, many back alleys, small plots of land with huts on top. For security reasons, apartments were built as close to each other as possible, without thinking of making a profit from the land.

Later, Baku completely changed, grew and became a European city with well-designed buildings, but Chambarakand still retained its former appearance. There were two reasons for this. First, despite the millions of Baku's oil revenues, the economic situation of the residents of Chambarakand did not improve. At that time, a detailed study of the property status of these residents by a special commission of the Baku City Council(Duma) found that 75% of the poor lived on a daily wage at best and only on charity at worst. Second, the city's land policy did not serve the interests of the poor in general. This land policy was also ruthless towards the residents of Chambarkend.

According to the sources, from time to time wrong steps were taken in planning the village, some buildings were left under the streets, inappropriate arrangements led to the destruction of Chambarakand, and residents who lost access to land were deprived of income. Nevertheless, the city council seriously demanded that they pay the land rent. However, it can be concluded that the Duma received rent from the residents for the land on which their huts were located. In fact, there was no land for residents to use. At the same time, it should be noted that the assessment was very high in some places. The people lived in poverty. In this case, the residents were also sued, but there was no result because they had nothing to pay.

Thus, the land issue of Chambarakand could not end. Residents were promised relocation. They were also offered soft loans to build new properties. By the early 1900s, land issues were slowly being resolved.

The park, built on the initiative of the President, is a summer gift to the city's residents. This park, which is a continuation of dozens of parks and alleys, will be the most visited place and the most meaningful place for leisure in the coming hot summer days. The beautiful landscapes created here, the rest areas, the comfortable seats are designed for a meaningful time. The built bridge and the paved road provide comfortable enter-exit to the park.

The park will also be of great interest to visitors. As they travel here, they will compare the past with the present, and will be proud of the fact that the circular place with a special geographical position has become a paradise. As you watch the view of the city from the terraces, you will be enchanted by the dozens of modern buildings like this one.

The round paradise "Chambarakand" park will attract people with its gorgeous green color. The park will create a feeling of satisfaction for every resident and visitor who comes here. Because this park is reminiscent of a green paradise. And where there is a lot of green, the people are happy, healthy and content.

- Matanat Mammadova

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