'Interfaith Harmony' Festival celebrates diversity and unity in Azerbaijan

In a testament to unity and diversity, Azerbaijan hosted the "Interfaith Harmony" festival today, a collaborative endeavor involving the active religious institutions within the country.

The festival was designed to cultivate spiritual values, promote tolerance, and celebrate multicultural traditions in the nation, SIA reports.

The event showcased the dynamic activities of various religious entities, including the Caucasian Muslims Office, the Russian Orthodox Church in Baku and Azerbaijan Eparchy, representatives from Mountain, European, and Georgian Jewish communities, the Apostolic Prefecture of the Roman Catholic Church, Azerbaijan Bible Society, Azerbaijan Baha'is Religious Center, Alban-Udi Christian, Krishna Consciousness, Georgian Orthodox, and Molokan Christian spiritual organizations.

The festivities unfolded through captivating photo exhibitions, thought-provoking documentary films, engaging video presentations, and a diverse musical program.

The festival commenced with the stirring rendition of the Azerbaijani national anthem, followed by an opening ceremony featuring traditional dances performed by the Azerbaijani national dance group.

Something noteworthy is the participation of some foreign guests, set to take part in the "Preserving Diversity: Combating Islamophobia in 2024" conference organized by the Baku International Multiculturalism Center from March 8 to 10 in Baku. These international attendees also joined in the celebration at the festival.

The doors of the festival are wide open to the public, and entrance is graciously free for all.

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