Turkish Ambassador: Calling events of 1915 "genocide" makes no sense

“It makes no sense to call the events of 1915 "genocide",” said the Ambassador of Türkiye to Azerbaijan Cahit Bağçı at the conference on "So-called Armenian Genocide: Allegations and Realities" held at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics, APA reports.

Cahit Bağçı said that many peoples of the crumbling empire were subjected to real genocides at that time: “More than 500,000 Muslims were killed at that time. Genocide is a legal concept. Therefore, it makes no sense to call the events of 1915 "genocide". The European Court of Human Rights gave a solid response in its 2015 decision to the allegations of "genocide". Even though in 2005, Türkiye proposed to establish a joint commission to investigate the events of 1915, the Armenian side has not yet responded to this proposal. Taking the events of 1915 out of historical context and presenting them in one-sided manner only serves the interests of terrorist groups.”

The Ambassador said that at that time, Armenians were used more in violation activities: “This support did not go unanswered. The Russian army began to settle in the south of the empire. A life-and-death war began in the region as a result of the law passed in Tsarist Russia in 1915.”

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