DOST Digital Innovation Center launches IT volunteer program

The DOST Digital Innovation Center (DOST RIM) under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population will also focus on the process of organizing a volunteer program.

According to the info given to SIA by the press service of the MLSPP, their aim is to carry out awareness-raising activities regarding IT, as well as to support young people who want to acquire knowledge in the field of IT, to provide them with theoretical and practical training and to create conditions for their use of innovative techniques.

In this regard, preference was given to young people who participated in the "Voluntary DOST" program of the DOST Agency and students of the Baku State Vocational Training Center for Industry and Innovation, distinguished by their interest in the field of IT.

At present, the center's specialists are selecting volunteers for the internship. At the initial stage, 25-30 young people will be involved in the volunteer program for two months.

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