Azerbaijani president: Glass production plant will start operating in Sumgayit this year

A glass production plant will also start operating in Sumgayit this year, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said when attending the inauguration ceremony of a Vocational Education Center under the Sumgayit Chemical Industry Park Limited Liability Company, SİA reports.

“Sumgayit is the second largest industrial center not only in Azerbaijan but also in the South Caucasus today. Sumgayit's potential is getting stronger. A glass production plant will also start operating here this year. Major investments have also been made there and it will provide us with glass. Although the construction sector is experiencing some recession due to the pandemic today, it is recovering and will be restored. We will provide ourselves with local glass. This is also a great achievement,” the head of state said.

“We must, as far as possible, meet the domestic demand with local products. The city of Sumgayit, in particular, the Chemical Industry Park, plays an important role in this because, having done this work in recent years, we have achieved this to a large extent. The main task now is to find out where we have the biggest dependence on imports, and if substitution is possible and there are raw materials for this or a feasibility study allows that, then it is imperative to pay attention to these sectors. Companies showing such an initiative should be granted resident status and the state should provide them with assistance, provide low-interest loans so that we can reduce our dependence on imports as much as possible. After all, any country strives for this, in particular, a country with a growing population – Azerbaijan should definitely strive for this,” the Azerbaijani president said.

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