President and First Lady attend opening of new building of Institute of Botany in Baku

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva participated in the opening of the new building of the Institute of Botany in Baku and reviewed the developments at the Botanical Garden.

Baku City Executive Authority Head Eldar Azizov briefed the head of state and the First Lady on the construction and reconstruction activities carried out at the Central Botanical Garden.

The garden, covering an area of more than 45 hectares, preserves 247 species of trees and 162 species of shrubs. The administrative building of the Institute of Botany of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, built between 1935-1938, was in a dilapidated state and was replaced with a new building during reconstruction. The total area of the new five-story building is 3700 square meters.

The Central Botanical Garden's administrative building, constructed in 1937 and shaped like a crescent, covering an area of 900 square meters, was thoroughly renovated from a dilapidated state.

President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva also inspected the modern greenhouse under construction within the Central Botanical Garden's premises. The greenhouse measures 19 meters in width, 47 meters in length, and 15 meters in height. Inside, there is a 3-meter-high bridge and a pedestrian walkway connecting both entrances.

The Institute operates 4 local and 2 international databases aimed at enhancing and strengthening the science information system.

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