Remains of couple found in the mass grave in Azerbaijan's Khojaly were buried

The remains of two more people found in a mass grave in Azerbaijan's Khojaly were buried today, APA reports.

The remains of Maharramova Basira Vali and Maharramov Vagif Jamil, who missed during the Khojaly genocide, were buried today in the Zabrat cemetery.

Earlier, the identity of 10 people, including the identity of the wife of Maharramova Vagif Jamil, Maharramova Basira Veli, was determined.

Note that investigations are ongoing into the mass discovery of human remains which were discovered as a result of excavations during restoration and construction work in the center of the city of Khojaly liberated from occupation (near the former carpet factory).

During the examination of the human remains that were discovered as a result of the inspection and investigation carried out in the mentioned area, it was found that they belonged to 18 people (4 people are believed to be minors) and that they were subjected to various methods of torture, physical violence, and inhumane treatment, they were not buried individually and by the requirements of the religion they belonged to, they were not properly protected and marked so that they could always be found.

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