Azerbaijan Press Council, Turkic World Federation of Journalists sign protocol of cooperation

A cooperation protocol was signed between the Azerbaijan Press Council and the Turkic World Federation of Journalists.

The protocol, which is similar to the previously signed document, was signed by the heads of both institutions - Rashad Majid and Menderes Demir.

According to the information provided by the organization to SIA, the importance of mutual cooperation was discussed at the meeting held in this regard.

R. Majid and M. Demir voiced their opinions on the current direction and expressed their satisfaction that the continuation of the cooperation contours was reflected in a concrete document and turned into a tradition. Speaking at the event, the member of the Board of Directors of the National Council, Agil Alasgar, also shared his opinion and said that he believes that the cooperation protocol will bring successful results.

As for the signed document, it provides necessary media support for the Turkic World documentary film festival and competition, the Turkish World Art Symposium and the Turkish World Short Film Festival, and coordination of joint activities in this regard.

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