New international airport will be built in either Lachin or Kalbajar - President of Azerbaijan

A new international airport will be built in either Lachin or Kalbajar, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said chairing a meeting in a video format on the country's results of 2020, SİA reports.

"At the same time, on my instructions, a site is being sought for the construction of a modern international airport in the Lachin or Kalbajar districts. It is true that the terrain is very difficult there, as almost the entire territory is mountainous. It is difficult to find the right place there, but research is underway now. I expect an update in the near future. Thus, a new international airport will be built in either Lachin or Kalbajar. There is little time left for the start of the construction of an international airport in Fuzuli. The order has been issued and the construction will begin in the near future. So the city of Fuzuli, there are actually no traces of a city there now, will have an international airport this year. This is necessary for the development of the Karabakh region because all types of aircraft will be able to land both in Fuzuli and in the Kalbajar-Lachin zone. At the same time, foreigners interested in coming to Shusha will be able to land in Fuzuli and then drive to Shusha. In parallel with the construction of the airport, preliminary research should be conducted on the organization of international flights from Fuzuli. An international airport must organize international flights. First of all, our airline AZAL should work hard on this issue to provide an air link to some of our neighboring countries immediately after the opening of the airport," the head of state said.

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