Azerbaijan captures new strongholds of Armenian Armed Forces

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces continue counter-offensive operations on the front line, Spokesman for the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, Lieutenant Colonel Anar Eyvazov said, SİA reports.

“During the ongoing battles, the units of the Armenian Armed Forces, suffering heavy losses, were forced to retreat,” Eyvazov said.

“The Azerbaijani army has captured new strongholds, destroyed military equipment of the Armenian Armed Forces. As a result of artillery strikes on subdivisions of the armed forces of the occupying country, the command post on the defense line of the 5th mountain rifle regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces was destroyed,” said the spokesman.

The lieutenant colonel also noted that one tank and three artillery units of the Armenian Armed Forces were destroyed as a result of a precise artillery strike.

“The 1st regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces is experiencing serious difficulties with food supplies. In this regard, the personnel of the units of the Armenian Armed Forces voluntarily leave the combat positions. Other divisions have serious problems with ammunition and fuel. Due to the lack of communication between the units of the Armenian Armed Forces in some areas of the defense, they shot at each other, there are killed and wounded," Eyvazov said.

“Since September 27, up to 250 tanks and other armored vehicles, up to 270 artillery installations, multiple launch rocket systems and mortars, up to 60 air defense units, 11 command posts and command posts, 8 ammunition depots, up to 150 military equipment, and one S-300 anti-aircraft missile system of the Armenian Armed Forces, have been destroyed,” he said.

“The Armenian Armed Forces, which in words "returned" the lost positions, subjected to missile and artillery shelling the civilian territories, including the Tartar, Barda, Aghdam, Aghjabadi, Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Yevlakh, Goranboy districts, the cities of Ganja and Mingachevir. Our army is determined to win. The tasks set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, are being carried out successfully,” said the spokesman.

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