Shocking facts about profiteering from Azerbaijani immigrants German court

The decision by Germany’s Koblenz Court regarding Azerbaijani citizens detained on charges of profiteering from immigrants has been announced, SIA reports referring to Trend.

The ruling following the decisions to conduct searches in houses and other facilities, as well as to check vehicles and other items of the accused, to identify material evidence, read: “During searches and inspections, material evidence confirming the illegal entry of third parties into the country was found on electronic and paper carriers, electronic and written information about the property, finances and income of the accused, mobile phones, computers, electronic devices with information about the persons transported illegally into the country.”

“In particular, during the inspection of Ismayilov, evidence was found about his local and foreign bank accounts, cash in the amount of than 1,000 euros, passports owned by third parties, an official seal, sample applications for applying in connection with refugee status and other similar documents,” reads the document. “The specified material evidence, which may be considered important during the investigation, must be confiscated and their safety must be ensured. Material evidence not submitted voluntarily will be confiscated.”

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