Azerbaijani, Croatian foreign ministries hold political consultations

On Monday, the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Croatia conducted another round of political consultations through their Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting, presided over by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Fariz Rzayev, and State Secretary for Political Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, Frano Matušić, delved into various aspects of strengthening the strategic partnership between the two nations.

Discussions encompassed an assessment of the current state and future possibilities for cooperation within international organizations. The parties explored collaboration opportunities across political, economic, and humanitarian spheres, along with strategic energy and transport projects initiated by Azerbaijan.

The meeting included an exchange of perspectives on the preparation process for the upcoming 29th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29), scheduled to be hosted by Azerbaijan in November this year. Both parties emphasized the significance of this prestigious event, foreseeing it as a platform to enhance the existing strategic cooperation between the two states.

Deputy FM of Azerbaijan provided detailed insights to the Croatian State Secretary for Political Affairs regarding the post-conflict period in the region, the reconciliation efforts between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Azerbaijan's measures for regional peace, the persisting landmine threat, ongoing demining initiatives, restoration works in the liberated territories, and potential avenues for collaboration in this context.

The political consultations also covered discussions on regional and international matters of mutual concern.

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