Volkan Bozkir: Azerbaijan - important country in terms of ensuring energy security

Azerbaijan is an important country in terms of energy security, former Chairman of the UN General Assembly Volkan Bozkir said at the international event “Reconstruction, Reconciliation and Integration: Energy, Economy, Environment and Equity” in Azerbaijan’s Shusha, Report informs.

He noted that Azerbaijan has become one of the strongest states in the world.

He also stressed that Azerbaijan and Türkiye are one nation, so the liberation of Karabakh is a joy for both Azerbaijan and Türkiye.

“There are a number of aspects related to the revival and development of Karabakh. Azerbaijan is very quickly carrying out construction work here. Another issue is the peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Armenia cannot accept the fact that Azerbaijan has recovered its lands,” Volkan Bozkir said, urging Yerevan to return to reality.

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