2 Solar and 2 Lunar eclipses to occur in 2023

2 Solar and 2 Lunar eclipses will occur in 2023, the Department of Astrophysics of Physics Faculty of Baku State University told SİA.

The first Solar eclipse of 2023 will be recorded on April 20. This eclipse will be a hybrid Solar eclipse.The eclipse will begin at 05:34:22 Baku time on April 20 and end at 10:59:18. The eclipse will last 5 hours and 25 minutes.

The total eclipse will begin at 06:36:56 and end at 09:56:36. The total eclipse will last 3 hours 19 minutes 40 seconds. The eclipse event will be observed in Southeast Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Antarctica. The eclipse will not be observed on the territory of Azerbaijan.

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