Global COVID situation getting worse

The number of coronavirus infections worldwide has reached 230,985,679, SİA informs, referring to the statistics of the different countries.

The highest number of cases of COVID-19 was registered in the US - 43,404,877. The US also has the highest number of deaths from COVID-19 in the world.

The next countries with higher number of COVID cases include India (33,563,421), Brazil (21,283,567), the United Kingdom (7,530,103), Russia (7,354,995), France (6,971,493), and Turkey (6,932,453), Iran (5,493,591), Argentina (5,245,265) and other countries.

A total of 4,734,917 people died of coronavirus worldwide during the pandemic. The number of people who recovered from the virus is 207,693,605. Currently, 18,557,157 people are receiving treatment

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