COP29 program won't be limited financial issues alone, minister says

COP29’s program in Baku will not be limited to financial issues but will also cover water issues, land degradation, green agriculture, food security, health, youth, and many other important topics, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan, designated president of COP29, Mukhtar Babayev said, Report, seconded to Lachin, informs.

He made the remark at the presentation ceremony in Lachin regarding COP29 with the participation of members of diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan, including military attachés.

Babayev noted that finance is the main topic for the COP: "It is not so easy, bargaining is difficult, especially when the expectations of developing countries for this finance are very high, it is necessary to find a suitable way. We have to do everything we can to bring the positions of the parties closer to each other, and I think there are some positive signals from the parties. All countries now understand how important it is to unite their efforts and understand each other. This is important in order to find good results in Baku in 2024."

The minister added that there is still time to prepare COP initiatives.

"Therefore, we're open to discussing that with you. At the same time, I'd like to give you some information about our calendar this year. We're planning to go to Antigua, Barbuda to meet with the least developed countries, the islands. I think we have a lot of questions that we're going to discuss with them. We plan to organize several additional events there, as well as to introduce our country to the world, to show how we are ready to fulfill this great program, this great commitment," he stressed.

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