More than 470 cases of cholera and diarrhea reported in Somalia in a week

In Somalia, more than 470 cases of cholera and acute watery diarrhea were detected in a week, with nine people succumbing to the infection, SİA informs citing the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The outbreak continues an epidemic that began in 2023, when more than 18,000 people developed the disease, most of whom were children under five.

Most of the cases of the new outbreak were reported in Hirshabelle state, which was recently hit by floods caused by heavy rains.

In the first half of January, the Zambian president called on city residents to go to the villages because of cholera. A cholera outbreak in this African country began in October last year, with more than 7,500 cases of the disease identified. One million doses of cholera vaccine, provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), are expected to arrive in Zambia in January.

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