The US is ready to hit if necessary to rein in Iran, said Robert Malley, US Special Envoy to Iran on Wednesday, SİA reports.

"As we have noted, we are still imposing sanctions and will continue to impose sanctions on Iran's destabilizing behavior," the U.S diplomat said at a hearing in the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"In addition, we are working with Israel and our partners to resolve the issue in the Persian Gulf. We are working with the Europeans to strengthen their defenses, to deploy forces in the region dynamically, including the flight of long-range bombers, and to increase maritime security, "he said.

In order to cut off Iran's financial flow, the possibility of transporting its drones, ballistic missiles and military equipment to armed groups and non-governmental entities should be restricted, Robert Malley said.

The forces of Iran and its allies should be deterred from attacking the United States, the diplomat said.

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