Five countries decide to evacuate some diplomats and their families from Ukraine

Five countries have notified Kiev of their decision to evacuate some of their diplomats and their families from Ukraine.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Tuesday that only four out of 129 foreign diplomatic missions - the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany - are evacuating some of the diplomatic staff. Later in the day, Canada announced its decision to evacuate its diplomats from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Kyodo agency said citing its sources that the Japanese government is looking at organizing the evacuation of its nationals, including embassy staff, from Ukraine.

These six countries have also advised their nationals against visiting Ukraine.

Kuleba slammed the decisions on the evacuation of diplomats as premature. He said that the Ukrainian authorities think that there are no real grounds for that.

Recently, Western and Ukrainian media outlets have been echoing claims about Russia’s possible aggression against Ukraine. The Kremlin earlier slammed such statements as "empty and groundless" and their goal is to whip up tensions. It stressed that Russia doesn’t pose any threat to anyone, but did not rule out possible provocations to justify the remarks in question and warned that attempts at using force to settle the crisis in southeastern Ukraine would have the most serious consequences.

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