155 human trafficking crimes recorded, 3 criminal groups neutralized last year

155 human trafficking crimes, as well as 40 crimes regarding illegal actions with documents with an aim of human trafficking, have been recorded with operational-search measures, conducted in the field of detection of human trafficking crimes and bringing guilty persons to the court responsibility, according to annual information in 2020 of the National Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, SİA reports.

It has been noted in the document that an increase in the number of mentioned actions, contrary to law, by 14 facts or by 7.5% in comparison with 2019 has been related to much more detection of latent crimes, committed in previous years.

All forced labor crimes and 98% of crimes of human trafficking have been solved, 3 criminal groups consisting of 7 persons committed this, have been neutralized. 10 out of 23 wanted accused persons have been detained, currently, necessary measures on finding 13 persons hiding in foreign countries, and extradite them to the country are underway.

20 people (17 female, 3 male) over criminal cases for human trafficking and forced labor have been involved as a defendant. 12 out of 15 people convicted by courts have been sentenced to imprisonment, 2 people have been sentenced to probation, a sentence of one person has been postponed.

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