Azerbaijan detains iranian citizens who violated border by boat in Caspian Sea -PHOTO

Persons who violated the sea border of the Republic of Azerbaijan were detained, the Press Center of the State Border Service released information, SİA reports.

According to the news, on February 22, as a result of collaboration of the coast gurd units of the State Border Service, technical control points and border guard ships, "Şahdağ" border guard ship detected unknown target which was moving south in the direction of Alat raid of the Caspian Sea unit belonging to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In order to detain the target, pursuit operations were started by Coast Guard vessels, relevant border units were informed, observations were strengthened by technical control points of regional departments, and urgent steps were taken to close the coastline.

As a result of the rapid maneuvers of the border guard shipof Azerbaijan, a fast boat with two crew members equipped with a Yamaha-200 engine was stopped in the Kurdili island raid in the southern part of the Caspian Sea belonging to Azerbaijan.

Operational-investigative measures in connection with the fact are being continued.

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