10 Sri Lankan citizens who wanted to cross from Azerbaijan to Russia were detained

In order to ensure reliable security of the state border, fight against illegal migration, border protection and operational search measures are underway, the press service of the State Border Service told SİA.

On December 4 at 03:30 a.m., 10 citizens of Sri Lanka, who attempted to violate the state border form the Republic of Azerbaijan in the direction of Russian Federation were detained in "Khudat" service territory of the border outpost located near Hazra village of Gusar region.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the detained persons had the intention to officially arrive in the country, then cross the state border and migrate from the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Russian Federation, and from there to one of the European countries.

Due to measures to combat illegal migration by Azerbaijani State Border Service in September-November of current year, 100 people were detained while trying to cross the state border with forged passports, visas and date stamps, and 160 were detained for violating the state border.

Operational-investigative measures on the fact continue in the direction of detecting and neutralizing the channel of illegal migration.

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