Azerbaijan to open schools from tomorrow

On September 22, the traditional form of education at primary classes (grades 1-4) will begin in Azerbaijan.

SİA informs that full-time education in other classes and out-of-school institutions will be organized five times a week from September 29.

Education in secondary specialties, vocational education institutions, and universities will be organized visually (with some exceptions) from September 29. Missed days will be restored during the year due to holidays.

Given the beginning of the school year, in order to ensure the full learning of educational programs, November 16-18 from the autumn holidays, January 27, 28 from the winter holidays will be considered school days.

As for the general secondary and full secondary education levels of the general education level and other institutions, the school holidays will be considered as school days on November 16-19 from the autumn holidays, January 27, 28, and 31 from the winter holidays.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, a total of 1,589,829 pupils are expected to study in the country's general education institutions.

158,608 students will study in the first grade, 132,881 in the ninth grade, and 91,538 in the eleventh grade.

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