Reconstruction of H.Z. Taghiyev - Sumgayit highway completed

The construction works carried out in the direction of expanding the nationally important Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev - Sumgayit highway to 4 lanes have already been completed.

According to the public relations department of the State Agency of Azerbaijan Highways, the length of the expanded part of H.Z. Taghiyev-Sumgayit highway to 4 lanes is 13.7 kilometers, SIA reports.

As a result of the construction works, the existing width of the road was increased from 15 meters to 23-26 meters, and the width of the carriageway was increased from 7-10 meters to 15 meters.

Within the mentioned works, the construction of a new soil bed and road base, the laying of asphalt-concrete covering along the road, and paving concrete were laid. In addition, work on the creation of return sections along the route, pedestrian sidewalks and a new lighting system on the part of the road passing through the residential area was also carried out. Under the project, the construction of a single-pass bridge was completed on the 8th kilometer of the road, and an overpass was built on the 3.8th kilometer of the road. In order to ensure the normal movement of vehicles, horizontal marking lines were drawn and necessary traffic signs were installed.

The works planned for the project were finalized and the road was put into use in a modern appearance.

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