"Azerkhalcha" OJSC and Aydan Salahova signed a joint project - "Woman" triptych carpet

"Azerkhalcha" OJSC continues to collaborate with young, modern, local, and foreign art representatives to develop the art of carpet weaving, which is Azerbaijan's national and spiritual wealth. "Azerkhalcha" OJSC aims to adapt it to modern times and requirements and turn it into a branch of contemporary art. Today, on June 14, the limited and exclusive "Woman" triptych carpet collection was presented in the "Azerkhalcha" OJSC's carpet exhibition hall in Icherisheher.

The creative team of "Azerkhalcha" OJSC transformed the painting "Woman" of artist, sculptor, graphic designer, gallery owner and pedagogue, modern and well-known representative of international art, Azerbaijani artist Aydan Salahova into a carpet. This resulted in the "Woman" triptych carpet collection, which consists of two carpets sized 230 x 111 and one sized 230 x 170. The collection is limited, with only 10 sets available. It was created by 8 weavers in the Nardaran workshop of "Azerkhalcha" OJSC within 2 months.

The patterns on the outside of the carpet symbolize social attitudes and expectations, while the space inside symbolizes the person's true self. The ornamented female figure demonstrates how external influences surround her, but only within is there room for her true nature. Inner emptiness symbolizes the true self of a person freed from external influences.

The event was attended by Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Azerkhalcha" OJSC, Honored Artist Emin Mammadov, Aydan Salahova, creative group, local art representatives, public and political figures, media representatives and foreign guests.

Addressing the event, Chairman of the Board of Directors Emin Mammadov mentioned that each of Azerbaijan’s national and spiritual treasures is very suitable for modernity and modern life, and the art of carpet weaving is not an exception. He said that "Azerkhalcha" OJSC conducts work on carpet weaving that constantly causes positive reactions, and in this way uses the work of every talented, modern, creative person who loves his Motherland and allows them to realize their ideas. “The transfer of Aydan Salahova's work "Woman" to the carpet has also caused great interest, therefore it has been emphasized that joint works with the talented artist will continue.”

Aydan Salahova expressed her love for Azerbaijan, its beautiful culture, and carpets, and explained her detailed intentions to depict her wishes, dreams, hopes, and assumptions about women in her work. She thanked the creative team of "Azerkhalcha" OJSC for helping her present her work in the form of a beautiful carpet.

The guests were then introduced with the “Woman” triptych carpet collection.

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