Rules of civil passport issuance changes in Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani Parliament’s Committee on Legal policy and State Building and Committee on Economic Policy held a joint meeting today. SIA reports that several issues, as well as the amendments to the law on "Exit from the Country, entry into the Country, and about Passports" were discussed at the meeting.

According to the amendments, the term of issuing the civil passports is decreased from one month to 10 days.

If the citizen is leaving together with children under age, the clause considering the entering the names and pasting the photographs of these children to the civil passport is removed from the law. The civil passports will be issued for children under age of 1, under age of 1-3, under age of 3-18 and under age of 18. The passports will be issued for 1 year period for children under age of 1, 3 years period – for children under age of 3, 5 years period – for children under age of 3-18, 10 years period – for persons under age of 18. No state duty will be collected for issuance and changing the service passports.

The state agency, which issues the passport, takes the hand and finger prints and photo of citizen, wanting to take passport. If the passport’s validity period finishes, in cases of alterations in the surname, name, patronym of the citizen or if errors are discovered in the passport records, and also if the passport becomes unfit for use, the citizen must replace the passport.

If errors are discovered on passport or electronic media, that passport must be replaced in one day without collecting the state duty.

The amendments to the law is in force until expire of passports issued till June 1, 2013, changing name, patronym and last name, in the case of loss, becoming useless of passport or determining any error in the passport data.

The draft was recommended to the Parliament’s plenary meeting.

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