Azerbaijan is an open country-professor of

Azerbaijan had progress a lot in the field of economics, Azerbaijan do the best in the international level- told Professor, Doctor of the international relations in the Pakistan State University Taraq Vahid who is on the visit to Azerbaijan to attend the International conference on "Modernization police new economic and social challenges", organized by the New Azerbaijan Party.

Pakistan and Azerbaijan have good relations. Pakistan is one of the first countries witch have diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan.Azerbaijan and Pakistan have similar problems such Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and Kashmir-told professor Taraq Vahid.

"Azerbaijan helped Pakistan when there were earthquake and flood in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the first countries witch recognized the independent of Azerbaijan. People of Pakistan in general have respect to the people of Azerbaijan. The program of New Azerbaijani Party is very progressive. This program will help to improve the economic life of the Azerbaijani people.

Pakistan sees Azerbaijan as open country. As a country witch have a respect in the field of the international politics. Pakistan and Azerbaijan have very close economic relations and this economic cooperation will be further increase in near future. Relations between Azerbaijani and Pakistan people may come closer.

Azerbaijan lies as a crossroads to Europe, Pakistan lies as a crossroads to Asia, so relations between two countries may develop as relations between two continents"-Doctor said.

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