Our aim is to have a good time in Azerbaijan and in its capita-Cyprus representative

"Our aim is to have a good time in Azerbaijan and in its capital", said Ivi Adamou who is representing Cyprus in Europe`s Favourite TV Show. Ivi is the third artist to rehearse today in the Crystal Hall, with the uptempo song La, La, Love.
Ivi said "I`m happy very much, and really want to go up on stage."
Ivi is joined onstage by four female dancers, of which two double up on the vocals. There is also an additional male backing vocalist, who stands to the right of the stage.
Ivi starts the song standing on a table that is constructed of antique books. The background LED screens also feature classical Greek like patterns, of the type that is seen on porcelain.
At one point Ivi is carried head high by her four backing dancers, and there is also the use of the wind machine towards the conclusion of the song. The whole performance came over very effectively in the Crystal Hall.
Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation chose the Cypriot singer Ivi Adamou to represent the nation in the 57th Eurovision Song Contest, the singer will sing the song La La Love, written by Alex Papaconstantinou, Bjorn Djupstrom, Alexandra Zakka and Viktor Svensson.

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