Inauguration ceremony held for the Aerospace Monitoring Training Center

The Aerospace Monitoring Training Center has been opened at the National Aviation Academy with the support of the Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Azerkosmos, which operates under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport.

SIA reports that the purpose of the Aerospace Monitoring Training Center equipped with modern equipment is to train qualified specialists in the field of application of geoinformation technologies, especially analysis of satellite images, digital processing and geographic information systems, as well as to increase the knowledge and skills of students studying in this direction. Students will learn to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice within the educational program of this center.

It is planned to involve the leading experts of Azerkosmos, National Aviation Academy and other institutions operating in this field, universities, as well as leading international universities and companies, as trainers.

During the training, the listeners will be provided with methodological tools and mentors designed in the Azerbaijani language, taking into account the features of data processing in various software. The training material will include theoretical knowledge, a set of exercises and information about the basic functionality of the software.

Students who successfully complete the course will be presented with appropriate certificates.

It should be noted that the demand for geographic information systems, remote sensing data acquisition, processing and application is constantly increasing.

The issue of training qualified specialists in the field of geoinformation technologies is becoming more urgent. In this regard, it is important to train highly qualified specialists who can skillfully use modern geoinformation technologies.

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